Hope World Hixtape Enamel Pin
Hope World Hixtape Enamel Pin

Hope World Hixtape Enamel Pin

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J-Hope Hope World Hixtape Enamel Pin | BTS 방탄소년단 Enamel Badge

J-HOOOOOOOPE~ This is a pin inspired by J-Hope's HIXTAPE album art! The soft enamel has ridges that give it the retro vibes perfect to go with the cassette tape. The vibrant colors are just like Hobi - vivid, fun, and bright! Rep J-Hope's LEGENDARY MIXTAPE on your jacket, backpack, or pin display with this colorful pin! :)

~ Soft enamel
~ Black Dyed Nickel Plating
~ 1.5" x 1"
~ 2 rubber backings
~ Back-stamped for authenticity

The enamel used in "Hope" and the tape spokes are a bit more lime green in the new batch than shown in the photos! Also, C-Grades and Seconds may not come with backing cards.

- Standard: Perfect pins! :)
- B-Grade: Nearly perfect! Minor scratches, dust, paint flecks, etc. Hard to see unless you stare at it super closely.
- C-Grade: More noticeable flaws
- Seconds: Noticeable flaws - overfilled enamel, dust flecks, paint flecks, discoloration, etc. Definitely still cute and wearable!

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***THIS IS A FANMADE PRODUCT. Not affiliated with BigHit Entertainment in any way :) (ALTHOUGH hello there pls hire me I will design cool merch for u BigHit :D)***

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